Hospitalists have become increasingly popular in today's medical world as fewer Primary Care providers wish to care for hospital based patients. This increased popularity has created a number of difficulties in mananging many of the Hospitalist Groups today. BMA Enterprises, Inc. has developed the Hospitalist Management System (HMS) to address a number of these problems.

Overview of Features

- Maintain Patient Rosters by Physician
- Capture Charges
- Provide Discharge Follow-Up
- Communicate with Primary Care Providers
- Transfer Patients between Hospitalists
- Send Billing Information Electronically
- And more!

HMS is a web-based system that allows you to effectively manage your Hospitalist Group from anywhere you have Internet access. HMS is a secure, easy to use system that allows hospitalists to maintain patient rosters by physician, accurately capture charges, provide discharge follow-up and communicate effectively with primary care providers through our automated fax system.

Hospitalist Groups with several physicians are common place resulting in some crossover in patient rosters. The HMS system provides a very easy method to transfer a patient from one hospitalist to another without having to re-key the primary demographic information. In the event that the original physician returns and the patient is still in the hospital, he/she can easily see the services performed by other physicians and can take over the case once again.

Billing information can be sent electronically to your billing service or in-house collections system minimizing the amount of dual entry that is typically required. Reporting options allow management to analyze billing practices and length of stay for each hospitalist in the group. These reports are invaluable in maintaining the highest quality of care while ensuring that all charges are billed appropriately.

Follow-up services are selected at time of discharge and cases remain open until all follow-up required is completed. Cases can be closed for billing purposes but the case remains on the physician's patient roster until all follow-up services are performed resulting in more complete and efficient patient care.

Web-based reporting provides management with real-time information. Billing analysis, ALOS, productivity and more are included with the HMS system.

For more information or to set up a demonstration of the system, please contact us.