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Over the years, many of our clients have requested a more efficient and organized way to check in their patients. To meet their request, BMA Enterprises, Inc. has developed an application that lets the patient check in themselves quickly and efficiently.

The patient kiosks easily bring up patient information, allowing them to correct any mispellings or address changes upon checking in.

Our kiosks are secure and HIPPA compliant. Patients can feel at ease checking in knowing that their information is only avaliable behind the scenes.

Not only do our kiosks allow patients to check in, but they have also been optimized for medical workflow. For example, a list of patients that have checked in is shown on the kiosks, along with the amount of time they've been waiting to be seen. Once the patient leaves the waiting room, a staff member can easily switch the status from "waiting" to "insert status here". This system allows patients to be seen more quickly and processed more efficiently.

For more information or to set up a demonstration of the system, please contact us.