Our Transitional Care Monitoring System (TCMS) helps to reduce the amount of preventable hospital readmissions. By making sure the patient is getting the recommended care outside of the hospital, the likelihood that they will have to be readmitted goes down. TCMS is a management and monitoring system to handle high risk disease categories to help reduce 30 day readmissions and improve patient outcomes. Our easy to use cloud based solution provides access 24/7 to appropriate staff members.

Factors such as medication errors, poor communication, and poor coordination between providers contribute to the high number of readmissions. Hospital readmissions within 30 days can be reduced with the features of our Transitional Care Monitoring System.

Improve patient outcomes by:

  • Confirming patient compliance and knowledge of discharge instructions

  • Ensuring medication fullfilment and compliance

  • Confirming follow up appointments

  • Providing patient education regarding disease,medications, etc.

  • Providing information and enlisting the help of patient support systems (family members/social workers/etc.)

  • And more!

TCMS can also be integrated into our ACS in order to automate notification and compliance of certain aspects of transitional care.